Zoom Steps Up its Game: Drops 600 New Features for Contact Centers in a Year

Zoom Revolutionizing the Game with 600 Fresh Features

So, you know Zoom, right? The superhero of online meetings. Well, buckle up because Zoom’s been on a wild ride of innovation, making virtual hangouts even cooler. In just one year, they’ve dropped a jaw-dropping 600 new features for contact centers. Yep, you heard it right.

Zoom Cool Take on Human-AI Mix

Ricky Kapur, the big shot from Zoom, spilled the beans on why they went feature-crazy. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between fancy Artificial Intelligence (AI) stuff and keeping it real with human connections. Flexibility and being crazy productive suddenly became the cool kids in town, changing up how work buddies connect.

“Doing it this way is the secret sauce. It’s how we get our customers to level up on productivity, have better chats with work buddies, and serve up top-notch customer experiences. All the good stuff that makes work feel like a breeze,” Ricky spilled during the Zoomtopia Asia Pacific 2023 online shindig on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

Zoomtopia Lights Up with Global Innovations and the Birth of Zoom Docs

So, Zoom threw a mega party called Zoomtopia, and guess what? They dropped a ton of new goodies, all backed up by the genius of AI. Enter the rockstar – Zoom Docs. It’s like your workspace on steroids, made specifically for the new cool way we work – hybrid style.

These mind-blowing innovations and fresh hookups are all about unleashing the power of AI, making team collaborations super flexible, and turning customer relationships into superhero status. They’re even throwing in an open ecosystem with smooth connections, just to give their users a buffet of options.

“We’re rolling out Zoom Contact Center all over the Asia Pacific scene, bringing in updates like Zoom Virtual Agent and Zoom Workforce Engagement Management. It’s like the cherry on top, making these app lineup even juicier,” Ricky tossed in.

Digital Party: Making Business Virtualization the Coolest Kid on the Block

Paul Eric Licari, the big boss from Grab, spilled some wisdom on why digital tech joining the party is a game-changer. On the outside, teaming up with Zoom helps Grab understand users better and deliver a super-duper customer experience across all their cool services.

Inside their world, teams from different corners of the globe get to party together. It’s like a big knowledge potluck helping Grab solve puzzles and dream up cool new ideas.

“Grab’s digital glow-up is all about keeping users at the heart, and we’re making moves based on data to know what users want and make our gears run smoother. These vibes are what we’re bringing into our Zoom hangs too,” Eric spilled.

Zoom isn’t just about virtual meetings anymore. It’s like they’re crafting the future of how we team up at work. The blend of AI and real human vibes in rewriting the rulebook for our digital work playgrounds. Buckle up, folks; the Zoom experience is getting a facelift!